sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2017

Rosa Luxemburg suurlakosta ja vallankumouksesta

"The history of the Russian mass strikes is the history of Russian revolution. When, to be sure, the representatives of our German opportunism hear of 'revolution', they immediately thin of bloodshed, street fighting or powder and shot, and the logical conclusion thereof is: dare not to have it. In actual fact we see Russia that almost every mass strike in the long run leads to an encounter with the armed guardians of Czarist order, and therein the so-called political strikes exactly resemble the larger economic struggle. The revolution, however, is something other and something more than bloodshed. In contradiction to the police interpretation, which views the revolution exclusively from the standpoint of street disturbances and rioting, that is, from the standpoint of 'disorder', the interpretation of scientific Socialism sees in the revolution above all a thorough-going internal reversal of social class relations." - Rosa Luxemburg, "The Mass Strike: The Political Party and The Trade Unions" (Harper Torchbooks, 1971, s. 49)

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