maanantai 4. elokuuta 2008

Populaarikulttuurin fasistinen luonne esiin dekonstruoituna

"Laibach is [...] known for their cover versions, which are often used to subvert the original message or intention of the song—a notable example being their version of the song ("Live is Life"), by (Opus, an Austrian arena rock band). In this example, Laibach recorded two new interpretations of the song, which they titled Leben Heißt Leben, and Opus Dei. The first of these two interpretations was the opening song on the Laibach album Opus Dei (1987), and was sung in German. The second version, Opus Dei, was promoted as a single, and its promotional video (which used the title "Life is Life") was played extensively on American cable channel MTV. Opus Dei retained some of the original song's English lyrics, but was delivered in a musical style that left the meaning of the lyrics open to further interpretation by the listener. Whereas the original is a feel-good reggae anthem, Laibach's subversive interpretation twists the melody into a sinister, rolling military march. With the exception of the promotional video, the refrain is at one instance translated into German, giving an eerie example of the sensitivity of its lyrics to context."-Wikipedia

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